Driving Lessons Ensbury Park, Bournemouth

Driving Lessons Ensbury Park, Bournemouth


Impact School of Motoring have offered driving lessons in Ensbury Park, Bournemouth for many years. With our extensive experience we would like to give some advice to pupils on how to be safe dealing with one of  the most difficult junctions in Ensbury Park.


Driving Lessons Ensbury Park, Bournemouth

If you are taking your driving lessons in and around the Ensbury park area, or taking your driving test in Bournemouth, you will have to deal with the Ensbury park one way system. When driving around this system, the signs and markings are all there to help you negotiate the lanes easily. As you approach the system you should know what destination you are heading for. On most of the approaches there are signs informing you of which exit you will need to take for your destination or which lane you require for your destination. Some of these can be a little confusing with the amount of exits off of the system; if you have trouble understanding them speak to your driving instructor, and he will be able to help you understand. You sometimes also have the road markings which you can see in this image that will inform you of which lane leads to your destination. Look for these as early as possible to make an early lane selection. There are a couple of approaches that only have one lane on approach and no signs or markings on the approach. In these situations, unless you know which lane your going into through previous knowledge, approach in the centre of the lane at a very slow speed, giving yourself time to look across onto the system for the markings on the lane you require, you must know this prior to joining the system, so don’t be in a hurry to come on to it. When on the system as long as you look well ahead for all your signs and markings they should guide you around comfortably. Do not go over any of the chevron markings, always signal left when leaving the system. Just one point of local knowledge to note, unfortunately this is under a tree in the image. However, if you are following signs for town centre and you come to a set of traffic lights where there are no signs or markings and the lanes split into 2, take the left lane for town centre. If you do this on your test the examiner will often advise which lane to be in, but not always so it is important that it is practised and fully understood.



We have driving instructors who are able to provide both Manual and Automatic driving lessons in Ensbury Park, Bournemouth.  Our driving school is always looking to expand and we are currently looking for more experienced and friendly A.D.I’s to cover Ensbury Park, Bournemouth and surrounding areas.

Please contact Impact School of Motoring if you are looking for driving lessons in and around Ensbury Park, Bournemouth;

Contact : 01202 666001    Visit : Driving Lessons Ensbury Park, Bournemouth

Email : andy@impactdriving.co.uk

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