Driving lessons Parkstone, Poole


Impact School of Motoring have offered driving lessons in Parkstone, Poole for many years. With our extensive experience we would like to give some advice to pupils on how to be safe dealing when driving through the busy Ashley road in upper Parkstone.



Driving Lessons Parkstone, Poole

 If you are taking your driving lessons in and around the Parkstone area, you will definitely have to drive along the busy Ashley road, pictured here. On these types of road you will come across a lot of hazards, these would be anything that would make you slow down or change direction. These hazards are split into 2 categories, potential hazards, this would be something that might make you slow down eg. a pedestrian looking like they might cross the road but still currently on the pavement. When you have a potential hazard you should prepare to stop, preparing to stop would mean you check your centre mirror and cover your brake pedal, with practise this should build up to being an automatic response whenever a potential hazard is seen. Then you have developing hazards, these would be anything that will make you slow down eg. our pedestrian now steps into the road. When the hazard develops you should start to brake. When you are driving along these roads you may have a hazard to deal with every couple of seconds so you will need to be very alert and and quick with your observation. Never let one thing take all of your attention, this means as soon as you have identified a potential hazard you can prepare to stop and keep the hazard in your peripheral vision but be looking for the next hazard. The traffic queue’s on these roads can get very built up, as pictured. When in these queue’s it is a good idea to keep a good distance from the car in front, I feel about 4 or 5 car lengths while traffic is moving. There are a lot of good reasons behind this, firstly it improves traffic flow, most traffic queue’s will start and stop repeatedly, this is mainly due to traffic following very closely to the vehicle in front and having to stop quickly when the queue stops. When following at a larger distance from the car in front, you can slow down gradually when the traffic in front is stopped and this often allows you to keep moving slowly as the traffic in front moves away again, keeping traffic flow going. It will also allow you to watch for side roads, keep clear signs, pedestrian crossings, and box junctions, all things that you should keep clear when stopping in traffic unlike the vehicles that are blocking the side road in this image.

We have driving instructors who are able to provide both Manual and Automatic driving lessons in Parkstone, Poole.  Our driving school is always looking to expand and we are currently looking for more experienced and friendly A.D.I’s to cover Parkstone, Poole and surrounding areas.

Please contact Impact School of Motoring if you are looking for driving lessons in and around Parkstone, Poole;

Contact : 01202 666001    Visit : Driving Lessons Parkstone, Poole

Email : andy@impactdriving.co.uk

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