Driving Lessons Wallisdown, Bournemouth

Driving Lessons Wallisdown, Bournemouth


Impact School of Motoring have offered driving lessons in Wallisdown, Bournemouth for many years. With our extensive experience we would like to give some advice to pupils on how to be safe dealing with one of  the most difficult roundabouts in Wallisdown.


Driving Lessons Wallisdown, Bournemouth

This is an aerial image of the Mountbatton roundabout near Wallisdown. As you can see this is a complex roundabout with many lanes. I would like to start by explaining this should be treated like a one way system, not a roundabout, normal roundabout rules don’t apply here (for those in the know it could be treated like a spiral roundabout but I find one way rules are easier to follow here). When treating it like a one way system you should use the signs and markings to identify your destination and make an early lane selection. Look well ahead for where your lane leads and make sure you follow in the centre of your lane. On this junction you should also beware the box junctions, the rules for these box junctions are do not enter unless your path out is clear and on this junction it often isn’t. The most difficult route around this is turning right from Wallisdown Road (pictured bottom) into Ringwood road (pictured right), as you approach the right hand lane has a straight ahead arrow, not a right arrow like normal roundabouts (a sure fire way to tell you should treat it like a one way system). Select this lane and as you move into the roundabout all the traffic to your left will leave at the first exit, so you can then move to the left lane providing it is clear. As you follow further around the roundabout the lanes cross with those of the traffic entering from the left, this has caused many a driver to cut across to the middle lane. The way to avoid this lane cross over distracting you is to focus on the kerb rather than watching the lanes (through my tuition this is the only occasion I’ve told pupils not to focus on where the lane leads). You can then keep the car next to the kerb passed the second exit and follow all the way around to the third.

We have driving instructors who are able to provide both Manual and Automatic driving lessons in Wallisdown, Bournemouth.  Our driving school is always looking to expand and we are currently looking for more experienced and friendly A.D.I’s to cover Wallisdown and surrounding areas.

Please contact Impact School of Motoring if you are looking for driving lessons in and around Wallisdown;

Contact : 01202 666001    Visit : Driving Lessons Wallisdown, Bournemouth

Email : andy@impactdriving.co.uk

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