Why franchise?

Building up and maintaining an independent driving school can be a costly and time consuming task, and within a difficult market across the Dorset area there is also the risk it won’t be successful.  Deciding to franchise with an established driving school can be a more secure and less stressful way to work as a driving instructor.

Who should franchise?

Newly qualified ADI’s who won’t have the reputation to enable them to receive recommendations from a large bank of previous pupils, they also may not have the finances to set up their business.

Part time instructors who may not receive as many recommendation’s as full time instructors.

Instructors that would also like to keep their focus on instruction and not have to spend time taking bookings, dealing with sales calls, arranging insurance etc.

Why franchise with Impact?

At Impact we have a vested interest in our instructors having a profitable and long lasting self employed business. To ensure that this is the case we have provided all we feel you would need to run a successful franchise, as well as introducing our incredible variable franchise offer. We are currently experiencing growth in Poole and Bournemouth as well as across Dorset, we have had instructor’s franchising with us for over 10 years and provide one of the best franchise packages in the area, with your franchise package we will provide:

  • A modern reliable vehicle, including insurance, tax and servicing.
  • A starting diary of pupils, followed by regular pupil introductions (with no pupil introduction fee’s).
  • Business training to help with diary planning and customer care.
  • Theory and practical driving test bookings for your pupil’s including cancellation searching.
  • Your year end tax returns completed for free.
  • Regular meetings and events for all our instructors to get to know each other and put their ideas forward on making the driving school stronger.
  • Business cards, Appointment cards, mock practical and theory test papers as well as various other teaching tools and handouts.
  • Check test training and CPD training.

What will this cost?

This is the most incredible part of what we offer, unlike most franchises our fee is not a fixed weekly amount, at Impact we provide a variable level franchise fee of £10 per hour you teach, up to a maximum of £180. This means you only pay for the work you do, therefore you will always make a profit, providing yourself with a risk free self employed business.

Driving down the cost of learning to drive

At Impact we aren't just cutting the price of lessons, we are looking for new and creative ways to save you time and money on your driving lessons, without compromising quality.
_________________________________ Visit our advice site, where you will find an explanation of the most efficient, cost effective way to learn to drive. As well as helpful tips on saving money, buying a car, insurance and fuel. Learning How to drive _________________________________ With our group lessons you could be paying as little as £7.50 per hour on all of your driving lessons. Group driving lessons _________________________________ Use our introductory offer where your starter lessons are only £10 per hour .Group driving lessons _________________________________

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