Group Driving Lessons

If you want to learn to drive, but your finding it difficult to afford the cost, try our group driving lessons.Group driving lessons



How group driving lessons can save you money

Lessons are charged at a standard lesson price, however you will share the cost between 2 or 3 of you.

Of course you will also share the driving, however during your lessons there will always be time spent discussing with the instructor how to deal with certain aspects of driving. During this time all pupils in the car can be taking in this information. You will also sometimes be the second or third person to complete a certain task, when this is the case you will have already had a demonstration given to you by your peer, giving you a better understanding of what is required before attempting the skill.


Learning to drive with a group of friends can also inspire a much stronger motivation, as well as giving you more lively discussion both during and outside the lessons, ultimately helping you become more interested in the subject and learn quicker.

How it works

The instructor will collect your group of 2 or 3 individuals from one location

Pupils will take it in turn to drive

Whilst the vehicle is stationary, discussions can take place in a group.

Whilst the vehicle is in motion, non drivers must only watch and listen and not interact.

 Group driving lesson prices

Group of 3 people £8.00 per person, per hour.

Group of 2 People £11.50 per person, per hour

Driving down the cost of learning to drive

At Impact we aren't just cutting the price of lessons, we are looking for new and creative ways to save you time and money on your driving lessons, without compromising quality.
_________________________________ Visit our advice site, where you will find an explanation of the most efficient, cost effective way to learn to drive. As well as helpful tips on saving money, buying a car, insurance and fuel. Learning How to drive _________________________________ With our group lessons you could be paying as little as £7.50 per hour on all of your driving lessons. Group driving lessons _________________________________ Use our introductory offer where your starter lessons are only £10 per hour .Group driving lessons _________________________________

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